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At some point in life most people go through a crisis of one sort or another, at these times it is important to remember you are not alone, there are many local and national support groups ready to offer advice and support.

If you have an elderly neighbour, you can play a key role in making their lives a little easier, just by making yourself available and looking out for them, especially in the winter months.

The Samaritans  Telephone 020 8394 8300

ChildLine Telephone 0800 1111

Child Death Health Line Telephone 0800 282986

Age UK (help and advice for the elderly) Telephone 0800 1696565

Cruse Bereavement Support  Telephone 0800 4779400

National Debt Helpline  Telephone 0808 8084000 

Citizens Advice Bureau, at Woodgate Chambers, 70 Woodgate, Loughborough
Telephone  0844 4711025