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By clicking on the relevant date, the recorded minutes of the meeting for that date of Sutton Bonington Parish Council will be viewable (Microsoft Word format) If you are unable to view a document or require minutes from an earlier meeting, please contact the Parish Council

SBPC MINUTES  NOVEMBER 6 2017  06.11.17.doc
SBPC MINUTES DECEMBER 4 2017 04.12.17.doc
SBPC MINUTES 8 JANUARY 2018 08.01.18.doc
SBPC MINUTES 5 FEBRUARY 2018 05.02.18.doc
SBPC MINUTES 5 MARCH 2018  05.03.18.doc
SBPC MINUTES 3 APRIL 2018  03.04.18.doc
SBPC MINUTES 8 MAY 2018  08.05.18.doc
SBPC MINUTES 4 JUNE 2018 04.06.18.doc
SBPC MINUTES 2 JULY 2018 02.07.18.doc
SBPC MINUTES 3 SEPTEMBER 2018 03.09.18.doc
SBPC MINUTES 1 OCTOBER 2018  SBPC01.10.18minutes.doc 

 SBPC DRAFT MINUTES FROM AGM 2017  Minutes2017.doc